I took the boys to this neat place called "Creative Minds" it has lots of different stations where thay can play and explore. They loved it! We were there for almost 3 hours and they didn't want to leave. It is a great place to go when the weather is bad.
just like Bob the Builder

Carrots are nice to chew on when your teething!!

Cowboy hat, just lilke Woody!

Loves to Drive it!!

Michael is filling up the gas!

Nicholas loves all animals!

Playing in kitchen- making Muffins and chocolate milk.
Nicholas loves to look in the mirror- Probably because he is so handsome!!

Grocery shopping!

The Tackle your brother!!

Jump like a kangaroo!!

Everything is more fun with Daddy!!

Nicholas liked santa just fine! He will go to anybody.
Michael wasn't to excited to be on his lap.

But after he screamed said "Santa I want a BIKE and BUZZ LIGHT YEAR! BUY IT!!!!" in a very demanding voice.

Santa came a little early and dropped off a tampoline! The boys love it!!

I was doing dishes and Michael started screaming "Nicholas grabbed the chips!" He had pulled them off the table onto the floor and was eating them. I laughed and ran and got my camera. Nicholas is an eater!!

my early little walker started at 9 mo!!